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The wolf-dog is a hybrid wolf breed. It is the result of a mating between a wolf (Canis lupus lupus) and a bitch (Canis lupus familiaris) or the reverse. It can also be the result of a cross between wolf dogs.

Genetically, the domestic dog is an offspring of the wolf and both represent subspecies of the species Canis lupus. The population of hybrid wolfdogs is growing. However, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) declares the recognition of only two breeds: the Czechoslovakian wolfdog and the Saarloos wolfdog.

Let's discover in the following the characteristics and some subspecies of these hybrid animals to understand What's a Wolf Dog.

wolf dog

The wolfdog: the main characteristics

The dog and the wolf share about 99.8% of their genetic heritage. The mixture between these animals is called "interbreeding" or "hybridization". This phenomenon is not recent and is related to the domestication of the wolf. Hybridization occurs in most cases between a wolf and a dog and results in a wolf-dog, called a "half-breed".

The half-breed carries the wild genes of the wolf, which are manifested in :

  • The cry, called a coo. It is a long cry that is between the howl of a wolf and the cry of a dog.
  • The immense energy that requires several efforts to socialize it.
  • The aggressiveness and distrust expressed towards strangers or domestic animals that represent a threat to him.
  • The need for socialization, because this hybrid animal hates solitude.

Consult the following link to find out why the dog is a wolf.

It is recommended to avoid domesticating the wolf dog, because of its unpredictable behavior. This animal can become aggressive at the age of 3 years. Note that breeding the hybrid wolfdog is forbidden by law, unless you have a CITES certificate.

The wolfdog: popular species

The Czech Wolf Dog

Czech wolf dog

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (CLT) is a domesticated breed of Czech canine. It was born from a mating between a German shepherd and a Carpathian wolf. This species appeared in 1955 and was recognized by the FCI in 1999.

This hybrid dog is characterized by its robustness and its fiery character which combines the resistance of the wolf and the domestic characteristics of the dog. It is suspicious of strangers and can be aggressive towards them. This is why its breeding requires experience. However, after socialization, it becomes loyal and fierce protector of the adoptive family.

The Czech wolfhound has robust physical characteristics. Its body takes the form of a square stature of 60 cm. Its weight varies between 20 and 25 kg. Its coat is straight and flat, it becomes well furnished in winter to protect it against the cold.

This dog has pretty eyes, small size and amber color. With short ears and a long tail.

The Saarloos Wolf Dog

Saarloos Wolf dog

This hybridization is the result of the perseverance and multiple unsuccessful experiments of Lendeert Saarloos: the Dutch breeder and great nature lover. It was his idea to cross a German shepherd with a Siberian wolf.

After many attempts, Lendeert succeeded in giving life to the Saarloos Wolfhound breed (which took his name) in 1930 and was declared by the FCI a little further in 1981.

The Saarloos Wolfdog is a powerful animal, which is characterized by a relatively high physical appearance, with a height between 60 and 75 cm. It weighs between 36 and 41 kg. Its ears are pointed and of medium size. Its eyes are yellow and almond-shaped. His tail is low and thick. Its coat is dense and the color of its hair changes according to the seasons.

The American Wolf Dog

American Wolf Dog

The American Wolf-Dog (A.W.D.) is not recognized by the FCI, which is why its population is described using the term lineage instead of breed.

This animal is known for its reactivity, caution, intelligence, dexterity and strong instinct and temperament that it inherits from the wolf. When this dog is properly domesticated, it can adapt to daily life and become a faithful pet and easily acclimated to strangers.

This dog is distinguished by a solidly built body. Its height measures between 63.5 and 91.5 cm and its weight is between 25 and 65 kg. Its ears are of medium size and are erect. Its amber or yellow colored eyes express a fascinating look and its dense tail is carried straight.

🐺 Conclusion🐺

Wolfdogs represent attractive animals that arouse interest with their admirable looks and features that inspire the intelligence, mischief, toughness and heightened instinct of wolves.

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